Lab Report #1 - 1 A Chemical Test on Proteins Carbs and...

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1 A Chemical Test on Proteins, Carbs, and Lipids for a Possible Presence Jonathan Grant 2 Organic molecules are linked with living organisms. Many types of these natural molecules have biological importance. Carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins were studied during the laboratory. Lipids are also known as fats. A fat contains three fatty acids and one glycerol. Polysaccharides (some carbohydrates) and proteins are macromolecules for the reason that they are made up of monomers. Monomers are lesser molecules. The type of carbohydrate called a polysaccharide contains an enormous number of glucose molecules joined collectively. The monomers, in this case, are the glucose molecules. Proteins are equipped with a large number of amino acids bounded together by a peptide bond, which is a chain of two or more amino acids. The monomers in proteins are the amino acids. These organic molecules were tested due to the plethora of their biological significance.
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In this lab, definite organic molecules were sought out. The experience of understanding the difference between a positive chemical test and a negative chemical test was done. The laboratory teaches how to utilize a control in a test and why it is so significant to the conclusions of the lab. One purpose of the experiments was to distinguish between a polar molecule and a non-polar molecule. Another objective of the laboratory was to bring in everyday foods taken in and determine what organic compounds-carbohydrates, proteins, or lipids- were in them. The hypothesis was that not all the solutions would respond to every chemical every time, but in every test, there would always be at least one discovery of a protein, carbohydrate, or a lipid. The reason for this hypothesis decision was because only certain solutions combine with specific chemicals.
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Lab Report #1 - 1 A Chemical Test on Proteins Carbs and...

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