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vagina monologues E.C. - Jonathan Grant The Vagina...

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Jonathan Grant 2/21/2011 The Vagina Monologues Reaction Paper This was my first time attending a vagina monologues play. I was actually pretty impressed of the level of performance and skill that each of the women had during the play. People do not realize how important of an effect this kind of event can have on our societies today, when it comes to women. Women are still not treated the way they should be in this world, in my opinion. Several of the women and their story segments of the play depict this fact. I enjoyed how the show had its high moments and low moments. High instances such as humor in some of the girls’ acts that got the crowd involved in the show like Kay Head’s “My Angry Vagina” portion of the show. But then there were also the more serious, important topics to hear about that really put the audience into deep thought and sentiment, such as Harley Quinn’s “My Vagina was my Village” piece. This was the deepest moment of the play and what she touched upon in how men mistreat women physically had me in shock. I love how these kinds of plays are nation-wide and really advocate for women and their
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vagina monologues E.C. - Jonathan Grant The Vagina...

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