hazing - that fraternities should be banned completely...

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Jonathan Grant Mr. Brown Critical Writing 11/6/2008 The topic addressed in these articles concerns hazing going on in fraternities. Whether these Greek groups should be banned or not is the issue. This predicament stands controversial when officials have to decide what the proper course of retribution is to ensure that horrible incidents, as a result of hazing, never happen again. In the newspaper article from The Badger Herald , Donofrio discusses colleges across the country exterminating any and all fraternities at the first incident of a haze. The matter was not taken lightly by the schools because no warnings or probations were given first. The author gave examples of death cases as a result of unnecessary hazing. Donofrio also provided statements from several spokespersons representing the schools that have had to deal with the fatalities. The article exudes a logical appeal to the audience which implements the message stronger. This side of the argument convinces people
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Unformatted text preview: that fraternities should be banned completely. However, a different path of punishment is exemplified in the other article. This article, from The Washington Post , illustrated certain fraternities experiencing probation, only. Directors at these universities know about the problem of hazing but fail to take extensive action concerning the students. The article states that they get reports instead of going out into the community. Their investigation process demands more time to solve the problem. Sometimes after all the investigations are complete, the universities still do not even ban the fraternities forever. From understanding these articles, the message stands apparent that fraternities should be taken very seriously and need to be investigated periodically. If there were an extreme case to occur, there should be no hesitation by the university to exterminate that fraternity from the school for all-time....
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hazing - that fraternities should be banned completely...

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