ethic notions - society Leaving the classroom I felt a very...

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Jonathan Grant African American Exp. Ms. Davis 11/20/2008 Ethic Notions The name of this film we viewed in class was Ethic Notions . The true message of the film deals with the well-known stereotypes of African Americans. The true story behind the movie connects with how discrimination of the past affects our country today. Truly, the story of the film is to show the black youth what their ancestors went through and the struggles they endured and overcame. We saw this film in class because the university wants to motivate us since the movie is meant to motivate and inspire the new black generation. I disagree with what was viewed because the “entertainment” that was portrayed about my race was ridiculous and unnecessary in any society. I also have major contradictions to the way black women were being displayed by the white society. Ethic Notions made me think about questioning my grandparents to find out how they felt growing up or if they recognized how blacks were falsely established in
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Unformatted text preview: society. Leaving the classroom, I felt a very strong sense of pride because I understood what others of my race, in the past, had to go through so that I could live with more freedom. A mood of despair did come upon me for a short time because of the despicable actions whites put on blacks. I can compare this movie to the lifestyle that President Barack Obama has been living during his campaign towards the White House. He gets judged and will continue to be stereotyped throughout his life, especially by the white race. Before he actually became President, people in the white society would say anything racist to put him down, but he overcame all the negativity. This film gives the students a better understanding of what being a part of the black race really means. The movie also forces students to believe that they must persevere through any challenge because our ancestors went through an obstacle far much more difficult than anything we could imagine....
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ethic notions - society Leaving the classroom I felt a very...

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