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Jonathan Grant Peer Evaluation The speaker who I am evaluating is Chris Sterling. The topic of his speech was the dangers of using cell phones. He attempted to persuade the audience not to take their hands off the wheel for any moment. His central idea was the effects that driving while distracted can have on our nation and that people doing this weakens our standards of living. Sterling used one of the original organizational formats for developing his speech, as there were a few main points, an introduction, and a conclusion, all clearly stated. Chris used statistics from the very beginning of his speech. One bad thing about this was that he made some of the stats seem as though they were a part of his introduction. I would much rather here a clear transition first before he started going into statistics on the number of accidents caused by distracted driving and so forth. By the time all of his data was stated, Chris
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Unformatted text preview: had become credible to the audience because it was obvious he did a certain amount of research to prepare for his speech. By this action, it was clear that Sterling cared enough for his topic, so we as the audience should care enough to listen to him. Another aspect of public speaking Chris needs to work on is eye contact. Especially with this speech, his eye contact was not horrible. But I would be more interested in really listening to what he had to say if he had demanded the audience’s attention more with his eye contact. One thing good about the entire speech was that by the end, I had fully understood the message from it. I knew what the topic was and Chris described certain ways to act upon a problem that he stated. In this case, I believe Sterling used the problem-solution method for the delivery of his entire speech....
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