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Jonathan Grant Stephanie Cuthbertson Eric Miller Courtney Byrd Mario Gill The problem our group has agreed to address is college drop-out rate in the United States. This issue is problematic on this campus and around the nation because once students continue drop out, the rest of society suffers in an enormous way. The crime rates will continue to rise due to the fact that more kids would be on the streets in a dangerous environment with bad influences at every turn. America will also lose its grip on the power it has compared to the other nations worldwide because the Earth is becoming more and more competitive academically as the years pass by. This significant issue will ultimately tarnish the prestige of the universities and institutes around nationwide. Our mission is to reach out to the community and influence the minds of our youth and peers to decrease the drop-out rates, especially at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University. We plan to be positive role models and examples for the youth and our fellow students in high schools because if we get through to the students before they reach the next level, then their mindset will be prepared for any obstacle college has to offer. The vision we are able to picture is contributing immensely to North Carolina A&T having the lowest drop-out rate it has ever experienced in its 107 year history, this school year of ’08-’09. The goal of our process within two school years is to decrease the rate by 5-10%.
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proposal - Jonathan Grant Stephanie Cuthbertson Eric Miller...

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