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BIOLOGY1400 Homework #1-- Molecular Biology Name Jonathan Grant Due 7-15-09 To get full credit , each problem must be attempted in its entirety. This assignment must be turned in on or before 7 15 at 11:30 am to earn credit. You may either email me your assignment (preferred) or you may turn in a printed version to class on Wed. Late assignments will not be accepted. 1. DNA structure can be described as a twisted ladder. Imagine you are climbing a model of DNA, just as if you were climbing a ladder. What parts of a nucleotide are your feet touching as you climb? Explain. . Nucleotide bases which are the hydrogen bonds between the complementary bonds that hold the two DNA strands together 2. Human chromosomes range in size dramatically, with the smallest (sex chromosome Y) being many times smaller than the largest (autosomal) chromosome. What is responsible for determining the size of a chromosome? The number of genes
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