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Jonathan Grant Current Events Folder #2 9/19/11 Scientists Concerned By Continued Eruptions at Alaskan Volcano The volcano focused on in this article is called Cleveland Volcano, which is located a little southwest of Anchorage, Alaska. For the past two months, it is reported that there have been on-going low-level eruptions. This is causing concern for people in the area that a much larger eruption could be coming very soon. My first thought was that these smaller eruptions were coming from parasitic cones produced from side vents, as the volcano is developed (Ch. 5, pg. 146-7). However, the volcanologists are reporting that the eruptions have been coming from the 5,676-foot peak. Satellites have now shown that a lava dome is growing inside the Cleveland’s crater, and it is continuing to generate heat, which is not a good sign. It looks like this volcano is poised for a huge eruption with little warning. There have not been any signs of ash clouds at all, as most lava domes are associated with explosive eruptions of gas-
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