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Jonathan Grant Critical Writing Mr. Brown 11/20/2008 To win without risk is to triumph without glory. (Corneille) Reputation is for time; character is for eternity (J.B. Gough) The Epidemic of Steroids The issue of athletes using steroids has changed the face of sports forever. The situation stands as a question of a person’s character or will. Coming from being an athlete, there are many unthinkable reasons as to why players choose to use steroids. This problem has undoubtedly been at hand for many decades in America, but this negative epidemic rose to a new level in the early years of this first decade in the 21 st century. Once prominent sports figures from the major leagues and associations were charged in several cases, the sports world has never been the same. People everywhere have different beliefs on how much steroids really affect the performance of the athletes. Some believe that the supplements are a way of cheating and the idea of a player taking steroids is not fair to the whole league. Other experts know that the subject stands too controversial and complex, so these individuals would rather have the record books and accomplishments stand the way they are. However, all righteous people involved in the sports world at whatever level stand by the fact that there needs to be major revisions to the process of controlling steroids in the sports world. Any athlete that takes steroids to enhance their performance should be penalized and all achievements should be erased from
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history because this is a form of cheating, it is a horrible problem for the entertainment aspect of any sport, and so many lives are affected by one person’s irresponsible choice. Over the years, the use of performance-enhancing drugs has become more of a problem. Back in the early days of the 20 th century, steroids was not even thought about as a possible crisis. Athletes played the game with dignity and integrity. Everyone who participated in a certain sport had an enormous sense of pride that they could not escape from, no matter what the circumstances. In present-day, some of these athletes are cowards and do not know what they participate in the activity for. There are instances where figures are driven by nothing but greed. The selfishness that an athlete reveals through these sorts of actions puts shame on his or her name and the game. In the past, it was all about simply competing to see who had the most will, hunger for happiness, or just the proper plan for the event. In sports of this century, people are concerned with different matters. Players are worried about how they look to the public more than winning the right way. The sports industry, considered by many, is all about the money and
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synthesis - Jonathan Grant Critical Writing Mr. Brown...

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