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univ exp presentation

univ exp presentation - Some of the surrounding issues...

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Jonathan Grant University Experience Mr. Brown 11/21/2008 Sexual relationships on College Campuses My name is Jonathan Grant. My major is industrial engineering. I hope people get from my presentation what the disadvantages and advantages are of having sexual relationships in college. I also want students to understand the level of value there is in having this kind of relationship. Well over 70% of all students on campus have an STD. This is one reason people should care about my presentation and watch who they get involved with.
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Unformatted text preview: Some of the surrounding issues related to this topic are the college dropout rate, security on campus, and family issues with a student. Sexual relationships are connected directly with all three of these topics. Do you think students on campus should stir clear of any kind of sexual relationship until later years in college? Do you think these relationships are more dangerous for men or women? What gender is drawn to this type of relationship usually?...
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