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Jonathan Grant University Speaker The speaker that I decided to evaluate was Barack Obama. On January 20 th , 2009 Obama was inaugurated as president. His inauguration speech was very powerful and important to understand and be aware of. This is why I have decided to assess this speech and see what Obama did well, and not so well, to determine if he was ultimately a good speaker or a bad one. Obviously, one would think that a person becoming the president of the United States would have a flawless speech and expert public speaking skills, but nobody is perfect. Even under massive, constant scrutiny, Obama always exhibits, in my opinion, great confidence when speaking. This is a quality I admire about him. In this inauguration speech, he never for a moment looked down or showed that he was intimidated by the setting or the crowd. His posture was almost perfect throughout, and his eye contact was demanding unlike most I have ever seen. Obama uses his hand gestures to his advantages at all times.
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Unformatted text preview: They are not just randomly moving in different directions. His hands gestures always signify the matter on which he is speaking. This shows that he deeply cares about what he is saying and not just saying something to get a crowd reaction. Usually and some of Obamas speeches, I will notice him pausing some or stuttering with phrases like um or uh. This could be to gather thoughts or could be a bad habit, but to me this is distracting as a public speaker. However, in this speech from the inauguration, Barack Obama was flawless as I did not notice him alter the pace of his speaking or pause to gather thoughts. He stood there; completely credible and believable in front of all of America, and that was the most impressive quality about the speech. There was absolutely nothing about Obamas speaking that day which made believe he was a bad speaker. Link: http://obamaspeeches.com/P-Obama-Inaugural-Speech-Inauguration.htm ....
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univspeaker#1 - They are not just randomly moving in...

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