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Jonathan Grant University Speaker I had the pleasure to pay attention to a Japanese storyteller. I did not know what to expect from this kind of event, but I was prepared for the unexpected. Kuniko Yamamoto was very talented, and she told Japanese stories with the use of paper. Whatever the matter she was speaking on, she would create these shapes to match her stories. It was quite amazing, so Yamamoto had that quality, not just from the paper but from her energy, to captivate the audience from the very beginning. Her first language was not English obviously, but she spoke English and could understand it right back better than most Japanese people I have heard. Even still, this was a bad quality about her public speaking that day. Sometimes, but very seldom, I could not understand some words and phrases she was attempting to use. This can be aggravating to the listener to a certain extent, but the overall message of her stories was always clear by the end of the story.
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Unformatted text preview: Another good characteristic about this lady was her credibility. Every time she told a story, everyone in the audience believed her, whether the story really happened or not. This was because her skills creating different objects with just the paper were phenomenal, as she never made a mistake. Also, to add to her credibility, she had a relationship with audience from the start of her speaking. These were complete strangers to her, that were listening, and she managed to make us smile, laugh, and react to what she was saying from the start. She introduced herself by telling where she came from, her journey, and what her passions and life were. I have seldom seen speakers do this so fluidly, and I believe she had the audience wanting to find out more about her. The ability to have the audience wanting to hear more is always one of the best qualities for a speech, and Yamamoto achieved this before she told a single story....
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univspeaker#2 - Another good characteristic about this lady...

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