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youth no longer refuge

youth no longer refuge - Another strength of the article...

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Jonathan Grant Mr. Brown Critical Writing 9/25/2008 A Selected Annotated Bibliography on Youth No longer a refuge Valencia, Milton J. Youth No Longer a Refuge. Boston Globe: NY Times Co., 2008. The author focuses on teen violence and how it affects the rest of the community. She points out reasons why teenagers in the Boston area are taking part in gang activities at such a young age. Valencia provides specific examples from the community as well to back up her claim. One of the author’s strengths is that she includes enough facts to appeal logically to the audience. This makes her trustworthy, so the reader pays more attention to the purpose of the article.
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Unformatted text preview: Another strength of the article was having the interview with the young girl and her aunt. This approach by Valencia appeals to the audience emotionally because it is a true story, and the interviewees have experienced the violence and show their pain. A weakness of this essay that could have been addressed was the reasons why teenagers get involved or are victims of the violence. The author could have provided more causes to the horrible effects of youth violence. I do not think is source would be helpful for further research because it doesn’t go into too much detail, and the topic is just based off one city....
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