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Jonathan Grant Rabbit My favorite grandfather is my mother’s father, David Reed. He inspires every single day of my life to excel in whatever it is I decide to take on. My grandpa gives the basketball genes that I have. He excels in high school and on the college level. Unfortunately, he is not able to play basketball professionally; I am sure that if given the chance, my grandpa will hold his own in the league. As he is growing up, his playground buddies and everybody around the neighborhood gives him the nickname “Rabbit.” My grandpa is only 6’1”, but on the basketball court he jumps so high that he dominates the biggest men on the floor. This is why they call him Rabbit. My father does not play basketball in high school, so I am very thankful and blessed to get my game from such a great man. David Reed makes me proud, even today, when I glance over his old newspaper and
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Unformatted text preview: magazine articles from the Southside of Chicago. Being a smaller guy playing a big man’s position on the basketball court, my grandpa has a very mean attitude on the floor; this carries over off of the floor because he is so hilarious when he tells me all the stories from his past. He makes everybody in my family smile and laugh just by the way he acts and lives. My grandfather inspires me in so many more ways than just basketball. He had the Prostate Cancer virus. His determination and will is what pushes him through this disease, and my grandfather beats prostate cancer. He then writes a book on how he does it and what other people need to do to handle their own situation. My grandpa is one of my most prized possessions in my life, and I cherish him every day. To me, Rabbit will live on forever in the hearts of his family now and to come....
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