regulation nd persistence

regulation nd persistence - conversation or discover some...

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Jonathan Grant Mr. Brown Critical Writing 9/4/2008 Regulation and Persistence The essay “On Racist Speech”, originally from Chronicle of Higher Education (October 25, 1989), directs its persuasion towards a variety of elements and people in our country. Charles Lawrence explains the true intention of racial insults and the connection with universities today. He does portray the contradicting side to his opinion as far as stating what the minorities would have to endure if racist speech was tolerated. This technique allows Lawrence to support his purpose even further; a message that stands clear. When racist speech becomes obvious insults, the speech should be regulated because the speech becomes an exception to First Amendment protection. The author does assert that an individual’s intention of racial insults is to hurt the victim deep down in the soul. The action stands as a strike, not as an opportunity to arouse a
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Unformatted text preview: conversation or discover some fact. The perpetrators want the “victim” to take a loss and feel like he is less than nothing. Lawrence argues that universities should provide equal educational opportunities among different races. He maintains the idea that a student walking across campus should not feel threatened about the possibility of an assaulting speech attack. Unanticipated rallies have no choice but to be regulated at all times. One last point the author makes deals with the mental decisions minorities can and need to make. When decided that racial speech should be allowed, blacks and other targeted groups have to accept horrible fate just for the good of all others. It is mandatory that these minorities still must be heard on their concerns. The essay implies that those in the fight against racist speech must be persistent and passionate about their cause in order to gain what they deserve....
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regulation nd persistence - conversation or discover some...

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