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Jonathan Grant African American Exp. Ms. Davis 11/20/2008 Rosewood The film we viewed in class was called Rosewood . The true message of the film deals with family ties. The true story behind the movie connects to violence and the effect that lies can have on a community. Truly, the purpose of the film was to take students back to the past and look at life from our ancestors’ point of view. I disagreed with what I saw from the film because white society was still discriminating against black folk. Practices such as lynching were being portrayed, and of course there is no way I could ever agree with such an action. This movie made me question the minds of some white women. The white woman in the movie told a huge lie that ended up getting several people killed, and this just proves the lack of integrity some
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Unformatted text preview: people have. The situation in the film also made me think how can people be so cruel? After watching the film, I felt a sense of happiness because the film gives an example of black people overcoming a situation. As I watched the movie, I felt really bad to see people of my race being unfairly accused for unbelieveable crimes. I was in an angry mood overall because the film showed what lynching mob does when they do not think. The film has helped me understand the importance of this course because it has given us students an inside look and feel of how life used to be for black people. I believe this film appeals emotionally to everyone that watches it, and the film bribes the human mind to become an activist for all the right causes....
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