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Jonathan Grant Dr. Jackson POLI 210.002 20 November 2009 Poverty in the United States Poverty is thought of, technically, in two terms. There is relative deprivation and absolute deprivation. People in society are very opinionated about what they call poverty. Whatever one’s choice is, that will affect the policy approaches taken to address this serious issue. Absolute deprivation calls for one approach, while relative deprivation leads to another policy approach. The absolute deprivation means the minimum amount of income needed to survive without being removed from society. There is always an income level set. Any citizen below that income level is considered to be in poverty. The authorized poverty level is changed every year to cover inflation. Governments make sure the level is set at a realistic level. It is difficult to make an absolute deprivation definition of poverty. Therefore, critics prefer to classify poverty in relation to that particular society’s overall standard of living. This is relative deprivation. The poverty level set rises once the standard of living, overall, rises. Poor people today are equipped with things that were considered prominent luxuries a generation ago. Such conveniences include a television, toilet, and a refrigerator among other common things. After using relative deprivation to conduct studies all over the world, compared to the United States, the children in this country are much poorer than the majority of other countries across the world. Determining the extent of poverty is not an easy job because this issue is so judgmental. People have different opinions on what they believe a suitable standard of living
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compared to others. The United States federal government still uses the official definition of poverty based on the standard of absolute deprivation. There are two expansive reasons that are the defining causes of poverty alone. There are inheritance characteristics and behavioral characteristics. The inheritance, or birthright, characteristics are the elements people are born with and have no control over. Some examples
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shortpaper#2 - Jonathan Grant Dr Jackson POLI 210.002 20...

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