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phyilis dallas assignment

phyilis dallas assignment - because I don’t think she has...

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Jonathan Grant 1. John arose from his sleep to find that his new pair of basketball shoes had been delivered to his school mail box. 2. The mother bear and her baby cub have arisen from their hibernation to find that the spring weather has created new hunting opportunities. 3. The professor chose to cancel class on the last day before spring break because her students had worked so hard. 4. American Idol judges Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul have chosen a contestant to sing the national anthem. 5. Michael Jordan led the Chicago Bulls to a sixth championship; however, Jordan retired from the organization after that season. 6. It was strange that the committee voted on her to be coordinator for the event next year
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Unformatted text preview: because I don’t think she has led a group of this magnitude in her life. 7. Cynthia laid her chair back a few minutes ago, so her five-year-old daughter had to spend 30 seconds returning the seat to its upright position to make herself comfortable. 8. The whole entire sofa has lain back before when there were more than five people sitting on it. 9. The coach threw the tennis balls at each of the students so that they could easily return the ball back during the skills test. 10. All the players on the baseball team have thrown as the pitcher before in the preseason....
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