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Jonathan Grant 4/30/10 Live Music Research Paper The concert attended was the Jazz Band Concert. The performance took place on April 23 rd , 2010 at the Performing Arts Center. This jazz concert consisted of several different types of musicians performing, all of which were students in college. There were two alto saxophone players, two tenor saxophones, and one bari-saxophone player. One of the alto saxophone players, Josh Duncan, also played the soprano sax during the performance. The ensemble contained five trumpet players, three trombone players, and one bass trombone. The drums were played by Phil Smith, Sammy Warren, and Duane Borboa, but only Phil Smith and Duane Borboa played several percussion instruments as well. There were two African-American players on the piano that shared responsibilities for separate pieces throughout the night. The strings were represented in the ensemble by one guitar player and a bass player. When one first steps into the hall, the mood is relaxed. The lights were already deemed in the auditorium, so this set a sense of anticipation into the audience well before the start of the concert. The hall was not completely filled to capacity, but there was a good amount of people in the upper level and on the floor. From the point of view of the audience, the piano and the other percussion instruments were situated on the left. The drum-set was in the back of the ensemble towards the center of everyone. Directly in front of the drums were the bass player and the guitar player, as they performed side-by-side throughout. To the right were all the other musicians positioned in three rows, from top to bottom. At the top level on a platform were the five trumpet players. Then the middle row was occupied by the trombones and the bass trombone. Finally, the last row, with chairs on the floor, consisted of the various types of
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saxophones. The audience filled with a wide range of unique individuals. There were very old gentlemen and ladies, and then there were college students and middle-aged individuals. The audience seemed to have an unexpected attitude before the concert as some students appeared to be unable to show proper respect for the hall and what was about to happen. Others just had an
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music research paper - Jonathan Grant Live Music Research...

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