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Jonathan Grant 19 November 2009 Summary Abstract There is a perception of newscasters or sportscasters as television stars. Especially on a show such as the daily sportscast, Sportscenter, the anchors are viewed as anything but the average citizen in America. There is more and less to these anchors than what is commonly perceived from viewers. While Sportscenter is strictly a newscast on sports every day, all the other common newscasts are placing the sports world in a different light or lack thereof. Sportscenter, being as large of a corporation as it is, inevitably has tons of different personalities among its employees. There is, of course, the type of anchor that is rude and cocky. Employees that are humble and passionate definitely get hired to work at Sportscenter. Anchors that have more of a simple taste seem to be the wise and courageous ones on the set. Sometimes they may
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Unformatted text preview: be more entertaining as well. In recent decades, patterns have threatened for the sports sections of the local broadcasts to be gone for good from their schedules. Internet and other advanced outlets are soon to replace the television culture as we know it because Americans, especially, the youth are finding other alternatives. There is endless work that goes into preparing any broadcast for television that millions of viewers never observe. The complexity of what goes on during one Sportscenter broadcast is unlike any other in the country or history. The lives of the anchors, from the famed show Sportscenter, are much more straightforward and human than one usually believes, as this sportscast is one of the most attractive programs in all of television. However, the sports segments of standard newscasts have an ever so diminishing, dull role in today’s society....
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