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This was to be the most important game in college football history. This game, in the United States, was symbolic of war and territory. Just by a simple game of football did the citizens across our great nation learn so much about ourselves and the capabilities within us. The game took place in 2005, and of course it was a national championship game. Today the fans and critics all across the United States consider it the most entertaining, important, and well- played game of all-time. There are instances about this college football game that force people to never forget about even five years later in the year 2010. The 2005 National Championship between the University of Southern California Trojans and the University of Texas Longhorns was obviously the battle for the ages in sport, for this country. These two schools were highly respected among the college football landscape because they had just gone undefeated throughout the whole season. They were the only two schools from the 2004-2005 NCAA football season to do the task. Of course they would meet in the
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