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Jonathan Grant Extra Credit Response Kevin Sites gives a very compelling perspective on what it is like to go overseas for war. Even he just going as a journalist for the war involves way more than the average American citizen would think. As Sites explains his daily life here in his home country, the reader can gain more of an appreciation for what our soldiers have to go through because his life is very similar to anyone’s in this country. It is pretty amazing just the packing aspect of preparing to go to Afghanistan. Most people will not realize all the tools and items these people need to pack for
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Unformatted text preview: their time away from their loved ones. Shockingly enough, sites was only a journalist for the war and not a real soldier fighting, so this hints at the level of stress and time is put in for the official soldiers leaving the country. This article was very interesting on account of the hands-on point of view from somebody going to war that comes from the field of work we are studying as a class. This gives students an example of what a job like this might be like when just preparing for it....
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