JOUR 2331C the newsandrecord

JOUR 2331C the newsandrecord - It is a refreshing thing to...

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Jonathan Grant 1/23/2011 JOUR 2331C This daily newspaper is located in Greensboro, North Carolina. A story that was posted on Sunday, the 23 rd , described one man named Hill Carrow bringing the U.S. Figure Skating Championships to the Greensboro Coliseum. This man’s will and determination brought about the sponsorships of 44 companies and over $3 million worth in fundraising. The article describes the process Carrow and his team took in order to reach the CEO of the companies that agreed to sponsor. The pitch they made to the companies focused on long-term economic development, and they had to reach the CEO even to have a chance at the sponsor. They reached out to over 150 companies when it was all said and done. This exemplifies maddening work ethic and the spirit to never give up or let rejection get you down. The story reflects that anything is possible because Carrow and his team did all of this in a time where we are witnessing the worst financial crisis of our time.
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Unformatted text preview: It is a refreshing thing to see someone defying the effects of this miserable time-span were calling a recession. There was a story on Friday concerning a bingo hall robber who took an unrevealed amount of money and fled the scene. Police circulated the area but did not arrest any suspects. This is the first time I have heard of a robbery happening at a bingo hall, and I am very surprised that you do not hear about more of these incidences around the country. There is an ad on the front page about a Daily Deal at Dairy Queen and an ad on Chryslers. This makes me believe that Dairy Queen and Chrysler are two of the most prominent business in the Greensboro area. One national story the News & Record covered was Obamas midpoint State of the Union address. The story discusses the fact that Obama now faces a different kind of Union due to the events that have been taking place during his presidency thus far....
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JOUR 2331C the newsandrecord - It is a refreshing thing to...

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