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Jonathan Grant Student Protests on Meal Plans Turns Some Stomachs A crowd of 3,500 angry students was protesting outside of Landrum Food Court yesterday concerning the quality of food in that cafeteria. A reporter from the George-Anne managed to catch some of the footage from a flip phone. From the footage, it was clear the students were shouting, “We want real food! When do we want it? Now!” Two students were stopped and questioned about the whole demonstration, on behalf of the students. John Smith says, “We’ve had all the bad food we can stand. We’re not going to take it anymore.” Janet Jones said, “We deserve better than this. Meal plans are expensive and they make us buy them.
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Unformatted text preview: Either the food has to get better or the rules have to change.” After about 30 minutes of the showing, the crowd of people began to disperse on to their separate ways across the campus of Georgia Southern. The Food Services director, Jeff Yawn, has announced some of his plans for the immediate future. Yawn plans to meet this upcoming week with representatives from the Student Government Association concerning the complaints. “I think we can come to some agreement with the students. Maybe a mandatory meal plan isn’t a good idea. Maybe we can find a way to offer tastier meals. I don’t know, but we’ll do what we can to find a solution” says Yawn....
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