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11/15 Class structure hypothesis : poor have fewer choices and resources and find it harder to solve their personal dilemmas when compared to other members of other social classes Poor have fewer resources to escape compared to what people normally have Middle class have perks at work o Sick leave o Workman’s compensation o Vacation Working poor exist in a life that many of us tend to not know about o Absolute: a standard below in which basic needs cannot be met o Relative: threshold—compares one persons economic position to rest of population Not easy to change poverty threshold
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Unformatted text preview: Does not include in kind benefits such as food stamps Its not whether or not poverty line is accurate, but if it is realistic (pg. 256) • Poverty : income below minimal income-level in which people cannot meet basic needs • Anywhere the poor cut their budget… children and family suffers as a result o Other factors are not taken into account o High structural deficit… health insurance, social security. . o Poor are not easy to help • PAPER 2 o Think carefully what could we do to keep black middle class families in these neighborhoods—affluent/ good ones...
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