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Core 1 Intro Paragraph - trying to reach out and inform...

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Burkhart 1 Mr. Ethridge Kyle Burkhart ENC 1102 9/21/11 The Changing Climate The climate on Earth is a very touchy subject that many people do not think about. It is not on every ones mind because global warming is going to happen tomorrow so people put it off until later. Elizabeth Dowdeswell asks if later is too late in her editorial about climate change. Elizabeth wrote an essay in response to the ongoing issue of the climate change on Earth, an issue that has been up in the air for awhile. Elizabeth is
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Unformatted text preview: trying to reach out and inform readers that just because global warming is not going to change the world in a day there should still be concern and that world leaders need to step up and do something about it. Elizabeth is facing an audience of the general public because she is trying to get a word out to everyone by using the different elements of an argument and making profound claims and reasons....
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