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Core 2 - Burkhart 1 Christopher Burkhart Professor...

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Burkhart 1 Christopher Burkhart Professor Ethridge English Composition II 23 October 2011 Is Technology Interfering? Technology is everywhere we look, in cars, homes, schools and businesses. Technology has many pros and cons to how it affects the American population. Technological advancements can help improve businesses productivity and make peoples lives easier. Technology can also hinder the educational growth of children in schools. GPS systems and cell phone use in cars can also distract drivers to the point of causing accidents. The improved use of technology in America needs to be further studied to insure it has a positive impact on the American society. Technology has negative and positive impacts in society but one of the most controversial is texting and driving. Most people know that it causes many deadly accidents on the roads. According to Michael Austin’s research on texting and driving it is more dangerous to text and read your cellphone while driving than being under the influence of alcohol. In Austin’s study, the reaction time of a driver while reading a text
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Core 2 - Burkhart 1 Christopher Burkhart Professor...

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