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Beginning Algebra ch1.2 - other If that’s the case we use...

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Beginning Algebra MTH 095 FALL 2011 Moraine Valley Community College Chapter 1.2: Pac-Math A quick note as we begin our journey, everyone: some of this stuff is going to come very easily to you in the beginning. A few of you might even say, “Wow, I’m in College and I’m doing this?” If that’s what you’re saying to yourself, that’s good! Things get significantly harder fairly quickly and beginning with some knowledge will help you out. I. Inequalities An equality … well, it’s an equals sign! One of these: = this means that the things on each side are, ultimately, the same. 2+2=4, for example. What if we want to show that one of the sides is bigger (or smaller) than the
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Unformatted text preview: other? If that’s the case, we use an inequality. There’s a couple of ways to remember how to use these. One is for those of you that grew up playing a lot of video games. Remember Pac-Man? All Pac-Man really wanted to do in life was eat. Ghosts, pretzels, dots, it really didn’t matter! So if you put two plates of food in front of Pac-Man (one bigger than the other), which one is he going to want to eat? The bigger one, of course! So we’ll use some imagination here … 10 < 14 Do you see Pac-Man, right in the middle?...
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