Beginning Algebra ch1.7 - Some examples Multiplying or...

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Beginning Algebra MTH 095 FALL 2011 Moraine Valley Community College Chapter 1.7: Multiplying and Dividing Real Numbers Do you remember how I mentioned a while ago that, for most things, multiplying and dividing are easier than adding and subtracting? It’s usually true in Math, especially for this next lesson! Multiplying – in a lot of ways the bread and butter of what we do in Math – can be written a lot of different ways. Here’s one way you’ll see it: We don’t use x’s anymore. Those are dead like disco! Here’s another common way. It means the exact same thing as above! Well, okay, that’s not a lot of different ways but it is 2 different ways! You’ve probably seen these before but, if it’s been awhile, it’s worth just revisiting them. Here’s the gravy on how these work: Multiplying or dividing the same sign makes the answer positive.
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Unformatted text preview: Some examples: Multiplying or dividing by different signs makes the answer negative. Some examples: One more thing that’s useful to bring up is something a lot of people never really get: what those parentheses actually do. This is important because, with exponents, they can cause some trouble. An example: The reason why this works is because of the Order of Operations. Remember that parentheses get to go first in line, so the 2 is turned negative first thing. After that we multiply it 4 times … If you’ve got your negative and positive down just go left to right from this point. You should come up with a positive result! Let’s contrast this with the second problem: Keep in mind that, this time, we do the exponent first. We make the answer negative last! An easy way to remember it is this: Parentheses: Positive. The double P action!...
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Beginning Algebra ch1.7 - Some examples Multiplying or...

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