Beginning Algebra ch1.8 - no equal sign so we can’t...

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Beginning Algebra MTH 095 FALL 2011 Moraine Valley Community College 1.8: Properties of Real Numbers We’re not going to go over everything in this section because some stuff is more important than others. I’d like to try and stick to the really important stuff, namely, how to distribute well. We distribute when we can’t complete the order of operations. For example, We’re supposed to complete x + 2 first. But we can’t because they’re not like terms! What to do, what to do … What we do is break the parentheses up and distribute the 3 through to both terms inside. So we multiply 3 by the x and 3 by the 2. FINAL ANSWER We can’t go any further with this because this is an expression. There’s
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Unformatted text preview: no equal sign so we can’t really say what x equals. (Does that make sense?) Let’s try another one: Notice that, on this one, we have the 2 on the outside. The parentheses acts like a stop sign for the distribution – we stop there. We distributed. But are we done? NO! We can combine the two like terms (in this case, the 21 and the 2) … FINAL ANSWER. We can’t combine the two terms that are left because they’re unlike terms: the first one has an x and the second one doesn’t. We can only mess them up when we’re multiplying (and we’re not multiplying anymore – we’re adding!)...
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Beginning Algebra ch1.8 - no equal sign so we can’t...

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