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Mythology Midterm study guide - Study guide for...

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Unformatted text preview: Study guide for midterm—Mythology Read the following: Iliad/Oafizssey (notes) Iheogony/Works and Days Metamorphosis Genesis/ Notes on Qur’an (Koran) . Zuni Emergence myth Hopi Creation myth Navajo Creation myth Afiican Creation myth The Origin of Death (African) _ The Hero with a Thousand Faces Ramayana /" /7. -/ Know: * Name of the culture (place) in which they were written. Maj or Characters/Gods/Heroes Major idea fiom each story Read the Introductions to each story Vocabulary: dharma archetype monomyth apotheosis rites of passage hero the judgment of Paris pa rataxis rationalize Stoicism Epicureanism Muses Titans Logos _ Emergence myth Monotheistic Polytheistie Consciousness Sipapuni Bow priests cultural relativism esoteric exoteric connotative denotative demigod ...
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