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Contributed capital

Contributed capital - • Contributed capital Also called...

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Unformatted text preview: • Contributed capital. Also called paid-in capital, it is the amount of value received by the corporation when it issues its stock. It includes the par value and any amount received in excess of the par value. • No-par value stock. Shares of stock that do not include a par value. The Board of Directors may assign a value to this type of stock. • Stated value. The value assigned to no-par value stock by the Board of Directors of a corporation. • Common stock. The class of stock issued most frequently by a corporation. Common stock ownership normally includes the rights to vote on stockholder matters, to receive dividends only after preferred stockholders, and, in the event of a liquidation, to receive their investment back if anything remained after the creditors were paid and the investment of the preferred stockholders was returned to them. It may have a par value or investment of the preferred stockholders was returned to them....
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