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Financing activities

Financing activities - Payment on loan of $12,000 equals...

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Financing activities To identify the financing activities, the long-term liability accounts and the stockholders' equity  accounts must be analyzed. Proceeds for bank loan.  Proceeds for bank loan of $4,000 represents additional borrowings during  the year. Borrowings are not shown net of repayments. Each is treated as a separate activity to be  reported on the statement of cash flows.  Payment on loan.
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Unformatted text preview: Payment on loan of $12,000 equals the cash repayments made to the bank during the year. Notes Payable 23,000 Beginning balance Repayments 12,000 4,000 Additional loans 15,000 Ending balance Proceeds from sale of stock. This represents the cash received from the issuance of new shares to investors. Common Stock 20,000 Beginning balance 10,000 Issuance of stock 30,000 Ending balance...
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