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The Statement of Partners - the capital balance at the end...

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The Statement of Partners' Capital The statement of partners' capital shows the changes in each partner's capital account for the year  or period being reported on. It has the same format as the statement of owner's equity except that it  includes a column for each partner and a total column for the company rather than just one column.  The statement starts with the beginning capital balance, followed by the amounts of investments  made, share of net income or loss, and withdrawals made during the reporting period to determine 
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Unformatted text preview: the capital balance at the end of the period. The Midland Connection Statement of Partners' Capital For the Year ended December 31, 20X0 Minbiole, CPA Kaschalk, CPA Total Partnership Capital balances, January 1, 20X0 $ 50,000 $ 100,000 $ 150,000 Add: Investments 25,000 10,000 35,000 Net Income 40,000 40,000 80,000 Less: Withdrawals (45,000) (30,000) (75,000) Capital balances, December 31, 20X0 $ 70,000 $ 120,000 $ 190,000...
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