9 37 management information systems for the

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Unformatted text preview: de your Ethics On Your Own behavior that affects other people. It’s quite possible to be It’s very ethical and very successful. 9-38 Management Information Systems for the Information Age Necessity, Convenience, and Privacy (p. 458) (p. Closing Case Study One Airtexting: Wave Your Cell Phone Airtexting: Message In The Air Message U.S. manufacturers of cell phones and providers U.S. of cell phone service are heavily targeting teenagers. Wildseed has determined that teenagers have three cell phone concerns including visual appeal, functionality, and price. appeal, Are cell phones a technology of convenience or Are necessity? 9-39 Management Information Systems for the Information Age Closing Case Study Two Stadiums of the Future Stadiums of the future will have many Stadiums technology-based activities from ordering and paying for food and beverages at your seat to sending messages to other people in the stadium. stadium. Can you think of any other industries that are Can implementing technology-based activities? implementing 9-40 Management Information Systems for the Infor...
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