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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 9 Emerging Trends and Emerging Technologies Technologies Business, People, and Business, Technology tomorrow Technology 9-1 Management Information Systems for the Information Age Presentation Overview 9-2 The Need For Information Filtering The Movement Toward Intellectual Computing The Changing of Physiological Interaction Increasing Portability and Mobility The Digital Frontier The Rebirth of E-Commerce The Most Important Considerations Management Information Systems for the Information Age Opening Case Study Would You Use an Internet-Enabled Toilet? Matsushita recently announced its plan to Matsushita make Internet-enabled toilets widely available to the public. available How would an internet-enabled toilet How impact your life and your privacy? impact 9-3 Management Information Systems for the Information Age Introduction Technology is changing everyday. Technology As you read this chapter focus on how As new technologies will change the things that you do, both from a personal and organizational perspective. organizational 9-4 Manag...
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