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Customer-Service Complaints - Customer Service Customer...

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Customer Service Customer Correspondence About 25% of customer complaints stem from correspondence issues. Netflix customers in need of assistance are frustrated by correspondence issues to customer-service representatives. In an actual experiment, the Horizon Consulting team tried contacting the 1-800 line. Only half of our 36 attempts reached a live representative, with an average wait time of 15 minutes. The unanswered calls were left on hold for more than an hour. Many complaints arise from “call- back” situations; when representatives say they will call back, or e-mail a customer with further information, follow-up calls are often extremely delayed or completely absent. These factors upset already perturbed customers, resulting in more hostile situations for service representatives, and lowered customer retention rates. Customer-Service Responses Staged Horizon calls to customer-service centers also reveal a non-cohesive customer-service plan. Similar situations are handled differently by different Netflix reps. Additionally, many
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Customer-Service Complaints - Customer Service Customer...

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