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Product Quality Netflix delivers its service in two ways: (1) through DVDs in the mail and (2) through instant streaming via its website or with compatible hardware (i.e. Blu-ray players, Nintendo Wii, Xbox, etc.). The following groups of complaints focus on the Netflix product; or in other words, the actual film-viewing experience. Damaged DVDs Many customers complained about the quality of the physical DVDs that they had received through the Netflix-by-mail service. The most common complaint was that the DVDs arrived with scratches, heavy fingerprints, smudges, etc., which in turn affected their playback ability. One consumer was reportedly told by a Netflix representative that “it is the customers’ responsibility to check for and report on damaged DVDs”. Streaming Video As we discovered in our research, Netflix’s streaming online video service also has its share of problems. Slow loading times, frequent starts and stops in video playback, and “flickering” in and out of high definition video (i.e. the screen flashes black several times) were reported.
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