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Language syllabus 6 - AP Spanish Language Course Syllabus...

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AP Spanish Language Course Syllabus Expectations 1. The students and I will use Spanish almost exclusively in class. This means that students are required to leave English at the door and engage in Spanish conversations for meeting and greeting each other, discussing school events, commenting on the latest news, and so on. The only exception will be student questions and my explanations about more complicated grammar structures. Students must realize that I only get them for 50 minutes or so per day, five days per week, and it takes much more than that to become fluent communicators. So, they must take advantage of the little time we have together and not waste it speaking English. I find that most of my students are eager to communicate in Spanish and readily participate in this requirement. The less confident students sometimes need to be encouraged more, but eventually realize that they aren’t permitted to speak if using English, so they cooperate, and are quite proud of themselves when they do! I often start class with questions about world events, school news, college searches, and so on to “get them talking.” 2. Students study and learn material that is equivalent to that of a third-year college course in Spanish language. All instructional materials, activities, assignments, and assessments are appropriate to this level. All materials provide students with authentic language with focus on communicating at a more advanced level of Spanish. Learning activities will mirror the requirements of the AP Spanish Language Exam. Students will be guided to develop competency in listening and reading comprehension using authentic sources from journals, news, literature, interviews, Podcasts, and more. They will also be required to produce Spanish orally and in writing, both in informal and formal communications. Assignments will be varied and may come from our textbooks, online resources, authentic listening and printed news resources (see attached list). Students should expect regular assessments that are intended to require them to use more advanced grammar and vocabulary in their language production and comprehension. Many assessments will require students to integrate skills: listening, reading, speaking, and writing. They will often have to cite sources in more formal speaking and writing assessments. 3. Students are expected to use a variety of materials including authentic audio and/or video recordings that develop their listening abilities. I distribute a packet (see Fuentes auténticas at end of syllabus) of authentic resources for listening and viewing at the beginning of the school year. Students are required to use these resources outside of class for enrichment and personal enjoyment. Often assignments are made using these authentic
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communications. I am constantly finding new resources to add to the packet, which is already very extensive. Students understand the importance of finding time outside of our class period
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Language syllabus 6 - AP Spanish Language Course Syllabus...

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