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1. Each day (Monday –Thursday) at the end of class the students rate their progress based on the 4 categories in the rubric and fill out the corresponding number on the chart. On Thursday at the end of class they total up the numbers. I will QUICKLY look at each student’s total to be sure I agree with how they have rated themselves throughout the week (honestly, I don’t usually remember EXACTLY how they all fared each day but… what the students don’t know wont hurt them!) and if everyone gets between a number range that I determine, then we have “viernes social” (N.B. viernes social does NOT negate doing work or having to participate as always). It’s all for one, one for all- everyone must get within the range I determine for the week or NO VIERNES SOCIAL! And if it happens that we have a test on Friday then they can bring in snacks or something but we don’t have time for any “fun stuff” . 2.
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