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Capítulo 1—España (pg 6-7) The Geography Spain, a country of great contrasts and much diversity, is found to the southeast of Europe. With its neighbor, Portugal, it forms the Iberian Peninsula. With the exception of Switzerland, Spain is the most mountainous country of Europe. In the north, the Pyrenees form a natural border with France. The North Throughout the entire north coast the mountains rise to the sky from the Cantabrian (autonomous region of northern Spain) border. The majestic peaks of Europe in Cantabria and Asturias reach a height of 8600 feet. En Galicia, the picturesque region of the northeast, there is a lot of fog and it rains a lot. The “gallego” landscape (of Galicia) is very green and looks a lot like the landscape of Ireland. The Central The unending brown-orange plains of Castilla and Extremadura in the center of the country contrast greatly with the green hills of Galicia. Here, the climate is very dry. In the winter not much snow falls because it is tremendously cold and the strong winds are frequent. In the summer a strong sun shines and it’s very hot.
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