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Text pg 8-9 A Historic Glance The Moors In the year 711 something very important happened in the history of Spain. The Moors or Muslims invaded the country from the north of Africa and stayed on the peninsula for 8 centuries. The enormous influence of the Moors made the Spanish civilization very different from that of the other European countries. Cordoba, the capital of the Moors, became the most cultured city of Europe when the rest of the continent lived in the darkness of the Middle Ages. In the middle of the 10 th century Cordoba had a population of more than 300,000 inhabitants. A library was established that contained more than 250,000 volumes. The Moors worked in harmony with the Christians and the Jews and hade important discoveries in medicine, mathematics and other sciences. More than 4,000 Spanish words are of Arabic origin. Some examples are the names of the rpoducts introduced by the Moors, such as azucar (sugar), la naranja (orange), and la berenjena (eggplant). Almost all
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