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Textbook pg 10-11 The Catholic Royalty The “unity” of Spain was made in 1469 with the marriage of Isabel of Castille and Fernando of Aragon, the Catholic Royalty, who established an absolute monarchy. The Catholic Royalty wanted not only the territorial and political unity: they also wanted the religious unity. Under them religious tolerance didn’t exist that had existed in Muslim Spain. In 1481 they established the Tribunal of the Inquisition and in 1492 they expelled the non-converted Jews. Their expulsion was a disaster for Spain because they had contributed in many fields to the prosperity of the country. The expelled Jews, called Sephardis, went to the north of Africa to Greece and to Turkey. Some of them continued speaking Ladino (Judeo-Spanish), a language that seemes much like the Spanish of the 15 th century. In 1492 the troops of Fernando and Isabel entered Granada, the last bastion (stronghold) of the Moors in
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Unformatted text preview: Spain. They took the city putting and end to the Reconquering. It is said that Boabdil, the last Moorish king, gave up the keys to the city and left Granada crying over the loss of his beloved Alhambra. The year 1492 is an extremely important date in the history of Spain. The same year that the Moors were expelled, the Genovese navigator, Christopher Columbus, sponsored by Queen Isabel, left from the port of Palos in the south of Spain with three caravels (Spanish sailing ships) to discover a new route to the Indies. But when Columbus set foot on land October 12, 1492, he had not arrived in India but on an island in what is today the Bahamas in the Americas. This day began the conquest, the exploration and the colonization of the Americas in the name of the Spanish crown, converting Spain the richest and most vast empire in the world....
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