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Textbook pg 12 Historic Views If one day you go to Spain, you can’t miss the opportunity to visit the two largest cosmopolitan cities of Madrid and Barcelona. And you have to also visit some places of great historic interest. The architectural gems of the moors are essential in Andalusia—the castle of Seville, the mosque of Cordova, the Alhambra of Granada and the summer residence of the Moorish royalty, the Generalife, with its splendid gardens with numerous fountains and ponds. If you go to Merida in Extremadura, you can see the ruins of many Roman monuments. The Romans invaded Spain in 218 B.C. and they spent two centuries overtaking the Celts that inhabited the peninsula. Eventually the Celts mixed with the Romans and adopted their language, their laws and their customs. Still today they continue giving concerts and shows in the ruins of the famous Roman theater in Merida. If you are interested you can also go to Segovia where you will see the famous Roman aqueduct made of gigantic stones
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Unformatted text preview: without a single drop of mortar. Textbook pg 13 Is something desirable to you? If you go to Segovia you have to eat one of the specialties of the region—the roast pig. The pig roasts for hours in an oven made of brick or clay. It’s a succulent dish. In Andalucia the influence of the Arabs is seen in the kitchen as well. One example is the white garlic— a soup that is similar to Andalucian gazpacho, a cold soup hade from water, bread, garlic, tomatoes, and peppers. But the white garlic isn’t made with tomatoes. It’s made with almonds and served with peeled grapes and slices of melon. The Spaniards all over the country love to nibble or eat small portions of food—tapas. Tapas include slices of Spanish tortilla (omelet), Serrano ham, olives, sardines, anchovies or shrimp between other dishes. Well, what looks good to you? Good eating!...
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