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Unformatted text preview: Adjective Agreement Adjective Grammar essential #7 Adjectives Adjectives Adjectives modify nouns and pronouns. In Spanish, adjectives agree in number and In gender. gender. In Spanish, adjectives follow the noun or In pronoun which they modify. pronoun In English we say, the red wagons. In In Spanish we say, the wagons reds Adjectives Adjectives the tall boy el chico alto the tall boys los chicos altos the tall girl la chica alta the tall girls las chicas altas Adjectives Adjectives If the noun is singular, the adjective must be If singular to match. singular If the noun is plural, the adjective must be plural to If match. If the noun is feminine, the adjective must be feminine to match. feminine If the noun is masculine, the adjective must be If masculine to match. However…. However…. adjectivos adjectivos There are some adjectives called There genderless or neutered. genderless neutered Genderless or neutered adjectives can show number but not gender. number not gender gendered – pequeño genderless – grande gendered- alto genderless – inteligente gendered – viejo genderless - joven Adjectives Adjectives the interesting boy el chico interesante the interesting boys los chicos interesantes the interesting girl la chica interesante the interesting girls las chicas interesantes Adjectivos Adjectivos Nationalities If the nationality is gendered, -o = masculine -a = feminine -a If the nationality is genderless, leave for If masculine. – add –a for feminine. masculine. ...
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