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Unformatted text preview: Present Progressive Present Grammar essential #46 Present Progressive Present What is it? It is used when action is happening in It the present. the Present progressive has a formula Formula: Formula: – estar (present tense) + present estar participle. participle. Making present participle Making Present participles end in –ing and are part Present of a verb phrase. of Present participles can be used as gerunds Present (nouns). If it is regular and the infinitive ends in –ar, If –ar add –ando to the stem. –ando If it is regular and the infintive ends in –er/-ir, If –er/-ir add –iendo to the stem. –iendo Making of present participle Making There are irregular present participles: poder pudiendo poder traer trayendo traer venir viniendo venir decir diciendo decir iir yendo r Making of present participle Making If i is surrounded with e or o, it changes to y. If If the stem ends in a vowel, add –y. creer creyendo creer Making of present participle Making Stem changes can only happen if – it is a stem changer in the present tense. – it ends –ir. and it will change ou or ei and Present progressive Present Formula Formula – Estar (present tense) + present participle Estar in the present tense. estoy estamos estás estáis está están Translate: – She is cleaning. To clean = limpiar Estar (present tense) + present participle Ella está limpiando. ...
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