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Unformatted text preview: Irregular Ud. Commands Irregular Grammar essential # 93 Irregular Ud. Command Irregular Ud. commands are used when directing someone Ud. you do not know as well or someone with whom you need to show respect. whom Ud. commands are used more often than tú Ud. commands. commands. Irregular Ud. command Irregular The following verbs are irregular in the The Ud. command because they do not follow the pattern. Use “Ud.” after the command to Use indicate that it is a command and not another conjugation. another Irregular Ud. command Irregular You know that they are irregular because: These do not end –o. dar dar estar estar ir ir saber ser ser Irregular Ud. command Irregular dar – dé Ud. estar - esté Ud. ir - vaya Ud. saber - sepa Ud. saber ser – sea Ud. ...
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