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Unformatted text preview: Irregular Ud. / Uds. Irregular Ud. / Uds. Commands ­guir Grammar essential # 97 Ud. / Uds. Command Ud. / Uds. Command • Ud. and Uds. commands are the same– just add an –n to the Uds. form. There are many irregulars that have special cases depending on the ending of the infinitive. The good thing is that they are the same for both Ud. and Uds. commands (they also apply to negative tú commands). Ud. / Uds. Command Ud. / Uds. Command There are other categories of irregulars. Infinitives that end in –guir, need to be changed in the commands. ­guir ­g­ Ud. / Uds. Command Ud. / Uds. Command Example ► Seguir (to follow) [it is also a stem changer] Siga Ud. Sigan Uds. ► Conseguir (to get/obtain) [it is a stem changer] Consiga Ud. Consigan Uds....
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