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Unformatted text preview: Regular Uds. Commands Regular Uds. Commands Grammar essential #98 Uds. Command Uds. Command Uds. commands are used when directing people you don’t know as well or people with whom you need to show respect. Uds. commands are used more often than tú commands. Uds. command Uds. command For regular Uds. commands, there are basic steps: 1. Conjugate the infinitive into the yo form present tense. 2. Drop the –o 3. If the infinitive ends in –ar, add –en. 4. If the infinitive ends in –er/­ir, add –an. 5. Use “Uds.” after the command to indicate that it is a command and not another conjugation. Uds. command Uds. command Examples Speak Hablar – hablo­ habl­ hablen Hablen Uds. Run Correr – corro­ corran Corran Uds. ...
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