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Unformatted text preview: Future Tense Regular Future Tense Regular Grammar essential # 102 Future Tense Regular Future Tense Regular When using this you are saying “will+verb” To make the future tense conjugation, Add the future endings to the infinitive. There are only one set of endings. Because you are using the infinitive, you don’t have to differentiate among the three infinitive endings. There are irregulars though (see #100) Future Tense Regular endings Future Tense Regular endings ­é ­emos ­ás ­éis ­á ­án Mirar – to see Mirar – to see miraré miraremos mirarás miraréis mirará mirarán Beber = to drink Beber = to drink beberé beberemos beberás beberéis beberá beberán ...
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